Horn Contest

Each year, hunters can enter the Annual Horn Contest during our October Buck Fever Event. Texas Whitetail Bucks taken in the previous hunting season may vie for top honors in the categories entered.  All entries must be received the week of the show on Tuesday between 6pm-8pm or Wednesday between 7am-11am. 1st -3rd Place Prizes are awarded in each of the 14 categories. Entry Fee is $20 for adult entries. No Charge for youth entries.

Buck Fever

Whitetail Horns Contest Categories

All Entries must have been harvested during the previous hunting season
  1. Best All-Around Low Fence
  2. Best All-Around Low Fence by Youth
  3. Best All-Around Low Fence Male Guadalupe and Bordering Counties
  4.  Best All-Around Low Fence Female Guadalupe and Bordering Counties
  5. Best All-Around Low Fence Youth Guadalupe and Bordering Counties
  6. Best All-Around Low Fence Archery
  7. Best All-Around Low Fence Female
  8. Best All-Around Low Fence 8 Pointer
  9. Best All-Around Low Fence Widest Inside Spread Category
  10. Best All-Around Low Fence by Buck Fever Member
  11. Best All-Around High Fence
  12. Best All-Around High Fence by Youth
  13. Best All-Around High Fence Archery
  14. Best All-Around High Fence Female

Special Exhibits-Novelties Contest Categories

All Entries must have been harvested during the previous hunting season.
Wildlife Novelties, Exotics, Native Species, Fish, Birds-upland as well as waterfowl, etc.
Entries are judged on rarity, individuality, and trophy quality by a panel of judges.

Buck Fever only allows Texas Bucks to be entered into the Horn Contest.

  1. All scoring will be by Boone & Crockett Gross Score Guidelines. Texas Big Game Award scores and Boone & Crockett scores are honored with official score sheet when brought with entry. Scoring will be based on GROSS SCORE.
  2. Entrant must specify High fence or Low fence division and select the categories to be considered.
  3. Whitetail entered in Low Fence divisions must have been wild-raised.  Animals born in captivity and released are not eligible.
  4. For an area to be considered a low fenced area it must have at least a 1 mile stretch of perimeter fence that does not have a 5-foot high fence or Higher, or any fence that could not be considered “captive” to white-tailed deer. 
  5. Any whitetail entry harvested behind a High Fence may only be entered into a High Fence category. 
  6. The following counties that are eligible to compete in the category Best All-Around Low Fence Male/Female/Youth Guadalupe & Bordering Counties are: Guadalupe, Gonzales, Caldwell, Hays, Comal, Bexar and Wilson Counties.
  7. Archery category entrants must have harvested their animal with bow and arrow. i.e., Compound, Recurve or Longbow. Crossbows do not qualify as a bow and arrow. Crossbows will be entered in rifle categories.
  8. All horn and special exhibit entries must be able to be attached to a wall by the following methods: shoulder mounted, European plaque mounted, plaque mounted or pedestal mounted.  Non-mounted entries will not be accepted. No exceptions.
  9. All horn entries must be able to be attached to a wall by the following methods: shoulder mounted, European plaque mounted, plaque mounted or pedestal mounted.  Non-mounted horns will not be accepted. No exceptions.
  10. Whitetails in full velvet may not be scored unless velvet is removed prior to scoring.
  11. Whitetails with split skulls may not be scored.  
  12. Antlers with broken tines may be measured to the point where the breakage occurred. Repaired antler material may not be measured unless hunter can show actual broken piece.
  13. Each entry may be eligible to be entered in only two Categories. The entrant must decide which category is utmost importance to them. 
  14. Each entry may be eligible to win only in one Category. Multiple entries from same person may not win in the same category. 
  15. Each category will have 3 places.  
  16. Males and Females, ages 4 to 16 years old can only complete in the youth categories. 
  17. The Best All Around Low Fence 8 Pointer category may have antler configurations off any manner. The deer must have 8 score able points. If the 8 pointer did have more than 8 points at one time but are now broken off it will not be accepted for the competition in this category. i.e., a 10 pointer with broken G-4’s will not be eligible in this category.
  18. The Best All-Around Low Fence Widest Spread Category- The greatest inside spread between both main beams maintaining a right angle to the  skull (measuring diagonally is not allowed). 
  19. Scorers, at their discretion, may only score horns that are possible winners.
  20. No previous winning mounts are eligible. 
  21. All entries must be received Tuesday (evening prior to first day of show) from 6:00-9:00pm and Wednesday morning, (day of show) between 7:00am-11:00 am. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 11:00 AM ON THE DAY OF SHOW. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  22. All winners will be announced at 7:00pm on Thursday of show. Winners should be present for photo and to accept award at this time. Multiple drawings will be held for all non-winning entries at this time. 
  23. Any contestant may be required to take a polygraph test at the discretion of Buck Fever Board of Directors.
  24. Buck Fever Horns Committee has the right to determine whether any entry is ineligible if it was not harvested legally or by fair chase or in accordance with Buck Fever contests rules. 
  25. Security will be furnished by Buck Fever Committee; however, Buck Fever is not responsible for any theft or damage.
  26. Completed entry form or driver’s license will be necessary when picking up entries at 10:00 pm on Thursday evening of show. NO ENTRIES WILL BE RELEASED PRIOR TO 10:00PM-NO EXCEPTIONS.
***For any questions regarding Buck Fever’s Horn Contest. Please contact Raul Reyes, Jr. (BF Horn Contest Chairman) at 210-391-9480
or Edward Reyes (BF Horn Contest Committee) at 830-305-3426.phone casesgo to my siteuseful contentadvice
Important Reminder: All Non-Winning Entries will be eligible for the drawings for multiple prizes.
Awards & Prize Drawings will be held Thursday at 6:30pm.
No Demonstration without approval or consent of Buck Fever Committee.
Not responsible for alcohol use and abuse.